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DIAMONDS.ORG is an initiative intended to create a forum, a hub, source and resource for members of the public and the trade that are in pursuit of fair and ethical diamonds & diamond trade, and for those in a quest to source such diamonds, whether non conflict diamonds (conflict free diamonds) or fair trade diamonds. The forum is in its infancy and we will see to it that it grows as fast and as needed by its participants and visitors.

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Diamonds.org is your gateway to a wealth of information and sites dedicated to the issue of non conflict diamonds (aka nonconflict diamonds): conflict free diamonds that are mined and traded in an ethical manner, without sponsoring any military conflict (as "blood diamonds" do), and with respect to the environment and the miners (environmentally friendly). As such, some qualify to be regarded as Fair Trade Diamonds (or, Fairtrade Diamonds). We consider laboratory grown diamonds as environmentally harmless diamonds. Most diamonds in conformity with the Kimberley Process, or originating from documented artisanal diamond mining, as well as all Canadian diamonds qualify as conflict free diamonds (again, aka non-conflict diamonds or ethical diamonds).
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(only uniquely & exclusively ethical diamonds qualify)
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